In Worship

Volunteer lay leaders are a core part of our worship services. Their support and involvement is needed at every Sunday worship service as well as other special worship services that occur throughout the year. Below you will find information about what is involved for each of these service opportunities.

  • Worship Leader
    • Welcome everyone at the beginning of the service
    • Announce hymn numbers
    • Lead everyone in the Call To Worship
    • Offer the opening prayer
    • Give instruction for submitting prayer requests during prayer time

A detailed script of the worship service is provided for the Worship Leader several days in advance of the service.  The information necessary for conducting the service is in the script.

  • Scripture Reader
    • Read scripture at the worship service
    • Typically consists of one reading per service
    • The scripture to be read is sent to the Scripture Reader several days in advance of the service
    • Scriptures Readers typically read scripture two consecutive weeks

If you would like additional information or would like to volunteer for any of these Worship Services activities send an email to the Office Administrator at or call the church at 712-323-7741.