Worship Graphics Crew

We use still and video graphics as an integral part of our worship services. The presentations are prepared weekly by the Worship Graphics Crew.  The presentations use Office PowerPoint and are made up of both still images, some with audio, and movies/video. The information to be included in the worship slide deck is provided to the crew by the administration staff. The crew’s responsibilities include:

  • Selecting appropriate pictures and backgrounds to use on the slides in the presentation
  • Selecting appropriate pre-recorded music to use in the presentations
  • Editing and placing videos and music in the presentation as required.
  • Creating lyric slides for all songs used for congregational singing if the lyrics are not already in the song file folder.
  • Testing the slide deck to insure  the presentation flows correctly and that any automated functions work correctly.
  • Loading the slide deck onto the computer used during the worship service.

This opportunity requires the use of computers, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and other programs for gathering images, audio and video files that would need to be included in the presentation.  If you have a good basic working knowledge of PowerPoint on a Windows computer and are interested in working with the Worship Graphics Crew, or would like additional information, please call the Office Administrator at 712-323-7741 or send an email to office@bcccb.org