Technical Crew

Our Technical Crew runs the audio and video during worship services, special services/events and for weddings/funerals as needed. Each member of the crew is scheduled as the primary for specific months during the year and will handle all of the audio activities for the month(s) scheduled. One of the other crew members will assist the primary and be responsible for running the video presentations during the service/event. The scheduling is flexible and arrangements can be made to switch dates  with other members of the crew. Responsibilities of the crew include:

  • Make sure the microphones that will be needed are connected and placed so they will be available for the needs of the service/event.
  • Assist worship/event planners with selecting the number, types and locations of microphones for services/events as required.
  • Insure all wireless devices to be used during a service/event have good batteries installed.
  • Connect the audio/video computer to the system and insure that it is working properly before the start of the service/event.
  • Control all of audio input to the system using our sound board to insure the optimal listening experience for those attending the service/event.
  • The crew member assisting the primary will run the video/slide deck presentations.

To effectively  serve on the tech crew it is recommended that you have reasonably good hearing and are either familiar with live audio mixing using a professional soundboard or be willing to be trained.  Also, experience in running Windows based PowerPoint presentations or be willing to be trained.  If you would like additional information or would like to volunteer for the Technical Crew send an email to the Larry at or call the church at 712-323-7741.